First Phone with Duel OS (Windows 8 & Android)

Here is an another amazing phone with dual operating system android and windows 8, I got it at an online store during search of unlocked GSM phones and really inspired by this. Today in market there are a lot of phones available of different brands and models and users have a wide variety to choose the best one for them. But this phone is really amazing and it will change your phone using experience.

In this phone all your messages, phone book and contacts are in a common place and you can use it with any operating system. If you switch to android or windows platform these contacts and phone will be accessible from there. So you don't need 2 phone books, but this option is also available.

I can say this is a perfect combination of personal and professional life, and we can use it for our professional life and also for our personal life and no body will bother us. Need more information of this unlocked GSM phone or want to buy it click here...

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