Unlocked Phones who can Track Your Mood

There are a lot of phones available in market for music lovers but today I want to introduce you quite different unlocked phones who can track your mood and can play the music tracks as per your mood. I got this phone on an online store and really inspired by that.

This phone has voice tracking sensors with intelligent micro processor and program which will record your mood according your sound and words used during conversation. All these tasks will be in background and you don't need to do anything with this. When you click on play button of your music application installed in this phone, there will be an option "Tracks Your Mood" click on this and it will play the music as per your mood.

I tried this feature around 100 times and got the amazing results, always it was playing the tracks according the situation and mood. I would like to recommend this phone to every music lover who are using their cellphones for music and entertainment.

This is an unlocked phone and available for sale on all major online phone stores, you can get more information and select best model for you from this store. I hope this will change the music experience of phone users and music lovers.

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